There is a lot of misinformation being generated as part of our planning application and so we will seek to do our best in a series of quick bullets to make sure we keep the whole community informed.

  1. The new pitch will be on the AstroTurf on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL). To respect that, all of the buildings in the new stadium (the clubhouse, changing rooms, all seating, loos, shops, offices, gyms and classrooms) are not on MOL
  2. MOL does allow for sporting facilities, including enclosure. Unlike some images online, the MOL is not just Greendale. It also includes the surrounding school sports fields, all of which are enclosed and well managed. Please see the picture below to illustrate:
  3. Rebuilding the AstroTurf with a new full-size pitch with run-off areas and enclosing with fencing is not the Club’s plan; it is the Council’s plan for the site. We are obliged to deliver this under the terms of our lease and the Council will deliver it if the Club fails.